Endwall Secondary Flow

Endwall secondary flow remains a significant source of performance loss in modern turbine and compressor design.

As a turbomachinery designer, you've struggled to gain the upper hand.  You need secondary flow insight, and it's proven problematic with your conventional mix of 3D steady analysis and rig testing.

Here's how we can help:

Hassle-free turbine and compressor meshing

Jump start the process by relying on Code Wand for turbine and compressor meshing.  Designed specifically for turbomachinery blading applications, Wand lets you generate high quality meshes easily and with a minimum of fuss, with most meshes generated in minutes.

Fast and accurate characterization of endwall secondary flow

You can't fix what you can't see.  Take advantage of the ADS solver Code Leo to glean time resolved secondary flow insights during design with high fidelity and speed.  Get to know your passage vortices and what makes them tick.

Endwall contouring analysis

Leverage ADS CFD to take corrective action.  Analyze your contoured endwalls to balance pressure distribution and reduce secondary loss. 

Easy integration into design optimization loop

Converge quickly to a final design candidate by integrating these capabilities into a design optimization loop.  All ADS CFD components can be easily integrated into your design system through the use of text-based setup files and command line executables. 

Makes sense.  Now what?

It's easy--take us for a test drive and see for yourself.  Or if you need more information, check out some of our resources below:

A primer from Bob Ni on using ADS CFD to analyze endwall secondary flow
A tutorial on setting up a multistage unsteady simulation in ADS CFD