Code Wand

WandMeshDesigned for use with the ADS flow solver Leo, Code Wand is a robust mesh generator optimized for turbomachinery blading applications.

Using virtually any type of geometry format as input, Code Wand generates high quality airfoil meshes using advanced mesh topology techniques that concentrate nodes where they're needed most.

Advanced Mesh Topology Generation

advmeshtop Code Wand employs proven techniques to concentrate mesh nodes where they're needed most for your flow simulation:

  • An advanced OHH-type mesh topology to optimize capture of flow phenomena near the leading and trailing edges
  • An innovative clearance meshing algorithm to improve the efficiency and performance of tip clearance and stator end gap meshes
  • Automatic constant radius cut trailing edges for centrifugal compressors
  • Automated mesh smoothing using Laplace or Poisson solvers
  • Mesh fanout to enhance unsteady simulation accuracy
  • Choice of wall integration or wall function options for meshing close to airfoil walls
  • Square trailing edge support
  • Integrated leading and trailing edge enhancement modes
  • Support for legacy OH-type, hybrid H-type and sheared H-type mesh topologies

Fine Grained Mesh Controls

With Code Wand you have complete control over mesh granularity. Select from the six predefined settings, or specify a precise number of mesh nodes to automatically distributed across key areas of your flow field:
  • From the leading to trailing edge of the airfoil
  • From the hub to tip of the airfoil
  • From the upstream boundary to the leading edge of the airfoil
  • From the trailing edge of the airfoil to the downstream boundary
  • Across the airfoil pitch

Automatic Flow Field Initialization

Populates the mesh with initial flow field conditions for input to Code Leo.

Comprehensive Turbomachinery Meshing Support


Using Code Wand, designers can confidently construct robust, high quality meshes for a wide variety of turbomachinery applications, including compressor and turbine airfoils, multi-airfoils such as radial impellers with one or more splitters per blade, and multi-stage turbine and compressor rows.

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