Examining film cooling angles using ParaView

When using LEO and FCOOL's Level 1 cooling capability to model the effects of individual film holes on a turbine vane or blade, the user will often want to know if the flow angles being entered are correct.  To assist with this, the utility FCOOL_PLOT was created.  To use the utility, simply drag the *.DATA file generate by FCOOL onto the FCOOL_PLOT executable or using a command prompt enter;


Note: You can also use a wild card character to enter multiple .DATA files simultaneously.

A VTK file corresponding to each .FC file that was input into FCOOL will be generated and can then be plotted on top of the airfoil as shown below using the Glyph tool in ParaView.

Click here to download the executable.

Michael Ni
Date Created
2013-06-23 06:09:11
Date Updated
2013-12-23 09:47:37