Meet The Team


ronhoniRon-Ho Ni, PhD

Bob is an internationally recognized authority on computational fluid dynamics simulation. Prior to founding ADS, Bob was a senior fellow at Pratt & Whitney in charge of turbomachinery CFD. He is credited for a number of innovations over his 28 year career, including the Ni-Scheme approach to solving nonlinear fluid flow equations, and the application of high performance computing to CFD simulation. He's had an opportunity to collaborate with some of the best and brightest minds in turbo CFD over the years, working on projects ranging from the F-22 Raptor jet engine to the 1999 America's Cup yacht. Bob received his BS in mechanical engineering from National Taiwan University and his MS and PhD from Stevens Institute of Technology.


VCPICTVincent R. Capece, PhD

Vince began his career at Pratt & Whitney in Florida in the Stage Vibration and Aeroelasticity Group as well as Compressor Aero Design, and Turbine Aero Design. He was involved in a number of projects including the F100 engine family, F119, and the PW4000 core compressor. To pursue his interests in teaching and mentoring he moved to academia and taught thermal science courses at the University of California, Davis and the University of Kentucky, Paducah at the graduate and undergraduate level.  Besides his classroom responsibilities Vince conducted research in steady and unsteady aerodynamics with his graduate and undergraduate student research group.  He retired from the University of Kentucky in 2015.   Vince received his BSME from Tennessee Technological University, SMME from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and PhD from Purdue University.

Picture 2 John Ho

John Ho

John joined Pratt & Whitney Canada in the Compressor Aerodynamics group and worked on various engine development programs over his 13 years there.  John lead the team that designed an R22 2-stage compressor for Carrier that won the UTC Horner trophy in 1991. John also led a skunk works team that developed the HPC for the PW500 family of small turbofan engines. Note that one of the engines (PW545) is being used as a flight test engine in the Predator C UAV.  In 1996, John continued his career at Sundstrand Power Systems which was later purchased by United Technologies in 1999.  At Sundstrand, John lead the team that designed the 8.6:1 single stage centrifugal compressor for the all electric APU for the Boeing 787 aircraft. John received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill and a Master’s of Applied Science degree from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies.


William Humber

Will is a senior computational fluid dynamics (CFD) engineer who joined AeroDynamic Solutions in 2009.  His areas of interest are heat transfer, unstructured mesh generation and optimization.  His responsibilities at ADS include development of meshing and post-processing tools as well as customer support.  He was awarded the University Turbine Systems Research Fellowship in 2007 and spent two summers in the Turbine Durability Group at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut.  He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.



Michael Ni

Mike is the Product Marketing & Development Manager for ADS CFD. He leads the teams focused on product features, workbench development, support and training.  Mr. Ni earned a B.S. degree in computer engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and has more than 10 years’ industry experience in computer architecture and software development.