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ADS Release 6.0 Now Available

New ADS Foil Designer adds design capabilities for a complete aerospace-class turbomachinery design and analysis package

San Jose Calif. – March 4, 2014 – AeroDynamic Solutions (ADS), developer of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis software for the turbomachinery industry, today announces that it is now shipping its latest version, ADS Release 6.0, that integrates a new design module—ADS Foil Designer—with its flagship mesh generator (WAND) and flow solver (LEO). With the addition of ADS Foil Designer, ADS Release 6.0 is a complete aerospace-class turbomachinery design and analysis package encompassing geometry creation, mesh generation, flow analysis, and post-processing. Turbomachinery design engineers will benefit from even deeper functionality and integration within ADS Release 6.0.

“Recently I was involved in the aerodynamic design of the low pressure turbine for an aero engine,” said Frederick Kopper, veteran turbomachinery design consultant.  “ADS Release 6.0 was key to executing such a design, where you need a sophisticated code. There are few options out there unless you can pay a lot of money for it. ADS Release 6.0 is an affordable solution that does the job with confidence and integrity.”

Highlights of the new ADS Foil Designer in ADS Release 6.0 functionality include: 

  • Parametric Airfoil Design Module: The ADS Foil Designer enables creation of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) axial turbine and compressor stages as well as 3D radial impellers and turbines. This enables parameterization of existing airfoil definitions for highly portable designs that optimization techniques can be easily applied to.
  • Tight Integration: The ADS Workbench melds the ADS Foil Designer with the ADS turbomachinery mesh generator (WAND) and ADS flow simulator (LEO) to increase user productivity. Users avoid having to change between programs to pre-process geometry, set up test cases, and post-process the results as this is all automated within the ADS workbench.  This efficiency increases the number of design iterations that can be performed over a defined design period resulting in higher confidence and better designs.

Known for highly accurate, innovative and fast CFD analysis software, ADS continues to develop new modules and capabilities for turbomachinery design engineers.

“The ADS Airfoil Designer and its tight integration with our existing analysis capabilities gives users the ability to create efficiently with more confidence to build better designs,” said Ron-Ho (Bob) Ni, PhD. Chairman and CTO of AeroDynamic Solutions.

ADS Release 6.0 System Requirements, Availability and Pricing

ADS Release 6.0 is now available for download. ADS Release 6.0 runs on Windows and Linux systems. It operates on laptops and workstations with 1.0 GHz or better processors, 4 GB RAM and 1GB disk space.  ADS offers pricing tiers optimized for all sizes of organizations.  Please contact for more details. 

About AeroDynamic Solutions (ADS)

ADS delivers aerospace-class CFD for the global turbomachinery industry. Built on the innovations of Ron-Ho Ni and rooted in decades of cutting edge aerospace application, the ADS solution suite enables turbomachinery designers to tackle a wide range of compressor and turbine flow problems with confidence. The company is privately held and headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information or to download a free 30-day evaluation, please visit


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